My Mediation Practice

My mediation skills have been developed from mediating over 1,100 cases and completing over 300 hours of continuing education focused on mediation and negotiation. I am usually hired by lawyers representing clients.

My style is primarily pragmatic and evaluative, and I use my skills and experience to help the parties negotiate effectively.

After a mediation is scheduled, I request written submissions from counsel one week in advance. Before the mediation, I call counsel for each party separately to discuss the case and the upcoming mediation. If the matter does not settle at the mediation, I follow up with counsel and often facilitate further negotiations.

Fees and Scheduling

I charge $300 per hour for preparation and conduct of the mediation, and any required follow-up, with a $1,500 minimum fee.  If a mediation is cancelled less than 30 days before the mediation, there is a $1,500 cancellation fee if I am unable to re-book the date. Travel outside the five-county Kansas City area is charged at $150 per hour, plus travel expenses. Fees and expenses are payable according to local rules where the case is pending, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

To schedule a mediation, send an email.

Examples of disputes I have mediated:

  • Insurance coverage dispute between worldwide food manufacturer and CGL insurer
  • Class actions involving:
    • employer’s data breach and release of personal identity information
    • claims against car dealer for deceptive trade practices
    • undisclosed fees charged in online consumer loan transactions
    • fraud and deceptive practices in sale of tractor hydraulic fluid
  • Whistle blower claim by employee against former employer under federal False Claims Act
  • Damage claims among multifamily project owner, general contractor, subcontractors and architect
  • Gas explosion case involving products liability claim against manufacturer of flexible stainless steel gas line
  • Intellectual property dispute between national news organization and local news content distributor
  • Action against investment bankers for negligence in underwriting securities
  • Claims by condo owners association against developer and contractor for water damage
  • Dispute between holder of pool of securitized loans and borrowers involving missing loan documents
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claim by limited partners against general partner
  • FINRA:
    • claims by investors against registered investment advisor
    • dispute between investment advisory firm and and former employee
  • Suit by group of investors against seller of unregistered securities
  • Wrongful foreclosure
  • Declaratory judgment action between insurance company and reinsurance consortium
  • Malpractice claims against lawyers, real estate brokers, insurance agents
  • Attorney fee dispute between lawyer and former client
  • Lawsuit by physician against health insurance company arising out of reimbursement agreement
  • Consolidated lawsuits by 70 plaintiffs against financial advisors involving sale of unregistered securities, for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty
  • ERISA claims involving denial of disability benefits
  • Minority shareholder oppression claims involving closely held 80-year old family business
  • Action against surety bond company by municipality
  • Claim by charity against estate of donor for failing to fulfill gift pledge
  • Inverse condemnation by homeowners against city arising out of rezoning
  • Suit to enforce non-compete and non-solicitation agreement against former employee
  • Damage action by adjoining landowner against developer for contamination of farm pond
  • Individual and class action consumer lawsuits under:
    • FCRA
    • FDCPA
    • TCPA
    • Kansas Consumer Protection Act
    • Missouri Merchandising Practices Act
    • Missouri Credit Services Organization Act
  • Damage claim for copyright infringement involving architectural plans
  • Negligence action against alarm monitoring company involving $1 million fire loss
  • Dispute involving earn-out provisions in $20 million sale of national insurance brokerage
  • Claim by landowners against grain storage facility alleging common law nuisance
  • Dispute between developer and city arising from tax increment financing plan